The VA Tester is a Voltage and Ampere breakout for measuring DC current from 0-26V at 3.2A Max. Using the screw terminal you can easily put this in inline between your power supply and your project. Just like the USB Tester. Except now you can use this for any project that isn't USB powered. Then you can probe the voltage or current with your DMM(Digital Multi-Meter).

If you have an OLED Backpack, this will allow you to swap it out with the USB Tester, view the output on the display as well as data log it with the Java app (it will be updated for higher voltage).

Due to the wide voltage ranges of the VA Tester, the OLED Backpack will need its own power source. It can be your computer, a phone charger or a USB Battery pack.


Monitor DC voltage 0-26V Monitor DC current up to 3.2A Uses screw terminal to easily interface with your projects Male headers for voltage and current for your DMM Test points that fit standard size probes (the photos show a prototype) Header connections for the OLED Backpack. Uses the Dangerous Prototypes standard PCB size


1x PCB 2x 2pin 5mm Screw Terminals 1x 14pin male header 1x Jumper (For use when measuring voltage with a DMM, bridges current header pins, top 2pin set)

Works with


Depending on how you use it, you may need to do some soldering. The soldering is pretty easy to do.

Image is the prototype version, the 3D Model is the current version.

  • Silkscreen clean-up
  • Banana connection has been replaced with test points that fit standard sized DMM probes



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VA Tester

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