About Us

We aim to produce new tools and products for your workbench. One of our missions is to build upon and contribute to the open source community.


We are a partnership, with MobileWill as the lead engineer, PCB designer and passion of FriedCircuits. His partner, heartsy, assists with shipping/receiving and communications.


Our History

It all stemmed from the progression of MobileWill's blog, where he documented our adventures in electronics, robotics and just good ‘ol tinkering. From this newfound passion, our USB Tester was created. A simple yet useful tool, it sparked an interest within the community. After receiving some inquires on where to obtain one, we decided to launch a shop on tindie.com, utilizing their fundraiser system. It was well received and by the end of 2012, we started to conceptualize other designs with the hopes of producing them. With the help of those first supporters, we were able to develop new products and we have since grown to our own shop here in parallel.