This isn’t just another MicroSD breakout, this breakout provides conversion for 5V systems such as most Arduinos. The SN74LVC245A that is used for translating 5V to 3.3V has some unused channels, five to be exact, so why not break those out for your use?! 

Along the side of the breakout, there are 5 channels available to convert other 3.3V sensors and such to 5V. The channels are labeled A1-B1 to A5-B5. You can connect your 5V signal to the A side while the B side will spit out a 3.3V signal.

Finally, the onboard 3.3V regulator is available not just to power the SD card, but it can be used to supply up to 250mA for your own project. Now you can power your project with 5V and also have 3.3V power without needing to convert it.

The great thing is that you no longer need an extra chip taking up space on your breadboard!

Micro SD to SPI breakout
Works with 5V and 3.3V microcontrollers or SOC like Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black
Breadboard friendly
5 Channels for translating other 5V signals - SN74LVC245A
Only incoming 5V signals are passed through IC, outgoing are 3.3V logic from SD card
3.3V regulator - MCP1700 LDO(For SD card and your own use)
250mA max current
Input voltage up to 6V
Works with Arduino SD and SDFat libraries.

MicroSD Breakout+ (All SMD components soldered)
8pin .1in male header (For SPI\Pwr connections)
2x 5pin .1in female header (For extra translation channels)

Note: Requires light soldering of headers


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MicroSD Breakout+

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