• USB Tester Backpack 2.0

Warning: If you use this with a quickcharge charger that most cell phones are using these days, please cut the solder jumper located on the bottom side of the OLED Backpack. Failure to do so will risk damaging the backpack due to an over-voltage condition. These quick chargers are able to go over 5V. There is no protection on the USB Tester OLED Backpack.


The USB Tester Backpack is an add-on for the USB Tester that makes it easy to monitor the current and voltage of any USB device. It attaches to the USB Tester and displays the readings directly on the device. The default mode shows a graph of current usage, with the button cycling through the different modes.


The OLED Backpack can also connect to a computer and using the Java app you can data log the resulting data. Which can be imported into Excel as a CSV.



Note: This is only for the backpack! Bundle available here: https://friedcircuits.us/46


New on Backpack

  • Micro USB

  • Button Location on the front left

  • 128x64 OLED Display (Double height of the 1.x version, easier to source)

  • Voltage monitoring of the USB Data lines

  • Easier access to almost all the extra GPIO’s


New Firmware Features (Will be available for 1.x version)

  • Peaks

  • mWh and mAh tracking

  • Big Readout Display

  • JSON for serial communications


Updated Java App (Beta)

  • Implemented JSON over serial

  • Will save as CSV

  • Add display of new data values

  • Working on graphing some of the new data


We’d like to thank Ed for all of his help and contributions.



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USB Tester Backpack 2.0

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