USB Tester OLED Backpack 2.0 Assembly

Info: Purchase: Tindie or 1x Backpack PCB SMD Parts assembled 1x 128×64 OLED 2x 5pin Female Header   Note: By default the solder jumper on the bottom is connected to allow shared power. This means that the device you are measuring will also power the backpack (Except for the VA Tester). It will not affect the measurements. If you want to have …


USB Tester 2.0 Assembly

Info: USB Tester 2.0 Purchase: Tindie or Included Parts: 1x PCB 16pin Male Header 1 2pin Jumper The assembly is similar to the VA Tester, except only one pin to remove. Having the voltage pins being separated allows easy use of test clips and stops accidental placement of the jumper. 1. Cut apart the headers pins in the follow arrangement. 1x – 2pin 2x …


USB Tester OLED Backpack 2.0

Current Version: 2.0 Purchase: Tindie or Assembly: Here <Need Picture labled> Mode\Clear Button Status LED 128×64 OLED that shows graph, status readout, and peaks Connection to USB Tester Micro USB to host for data logging Unused Digital\Analog GPIOs. (PB6 is shared with the button and PF7\PF6 is connected to D-\D+) Rear ISP programming pins Shared power solder jumper


USB Tester 2.0

Current Version: 2.0 Purchase: Tindie or Assembly: Here USB device connection D-/D+ test points Top connection to OLED Backpack Current test points – Fits Dual banana clips (.75in apart) Voltage test points – Fits Dual banana clips (.75in apart) ID pin breakout micro USB connection to power source or computer The new version of the USB Tester now has …

Included parts

Dual Resonator Kit Assmebly

Info: Dual Resonator Purchase: Tindie or The Dual Resonator kit comes with a few parts that need some soldering. The kit comes with the following parts. If you are missing any please contact 1x PCb 1x 8Mhz Resonator 1x SMD Switch 1x 16Mhz Resonator 3pin heade If you have a 3rd third hand it makes soldering much easier due to the small …

TinyISP-Tuner Parts

TinsyISP-Tuner Assembly

Info: TinyISP-Tuner Purchase: Tindie Friedcircuits The TinyISP-Tuner comes in a kit that requires some through-hole soldering. Included: 1x PCB 1x ATmega328p-pu DIP 1x 28pin Socket 1x 20pin Socket 1x 14pin Socket 1x 8pin Socket 1x 16Mhz Resonator 1x 10K Ohm Resistor 1x 330 Ohm Resistor 2x 0.1 Cap 1x 3mm Red LED 1x 6pin Right Angle Male Header Soldering Sockets …